FRP/GRP Poles & Masts

Monterra FRP/GRP poles provide a solution to common issues and are suitable for use in environments where poles made of other materials have substantial corrosion issues, such as coastal areas, chemical zones, marshlands, and regions with significant temperature swings. Monterra FRP/GRP Poles have a long lifespan, are non-corrosive, and can be used in a variety of settings. No surface preparation is necessary, as it is with conventional poles. Due to its small weight, ability to be carried by hand to inaccessible locations, lack of surface treatments, grounding, and painting requirements, composite pole installation proves to be cost-effective.
  • Chemical and corrosion resistance.
  • Lightweight - Costs associated with installation and shipping are reduced since they are lighter than steel, concrete, and timber poles.
  • Great Mechanical Strength - The poles' great mechanical strength is made possible by the composite material's low mechanical stiffness.
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Due to its capacity to fail in a controlled way, composite poles generate fewer fatalities in traffic incidents involving poles than steel or concrete poles.
  • Non-conductive and electrically insulator
  • Low Cost of Installation
  • Its inherent technological features don't require any maintenance, making it maintenance-free.
Standards Followed
  • AASHTO LTS - 4 : Standard Specification for Structural for highway signs, traffic signals.
  • ANSI C 136.20 - 1990 : Fiberglass reinforced plastic lighting poles
  • IS 875 (Part 3) - 1987 : Code of Practice for Design Loads for Buildings & Structures - Wind Load
Features GRP/FRP Poles Metal Poles
Corrosion Non Corrosive Highly Corrosive
Aesthetics Great Adequete
Earthing Not required Required
Life Very Long Moderate
Maintenance Maintenance Free Very High Maintenance
Weight Very Light Weight Very Heavy
Colours Color Pigmentation (UV Resistant) Hand Coating from outside
Painting Non Required Frequent Painting Required
Relocation Easy Difficult
Mounting Foundation required / Optional Concrete Foundation is Compulsary
Transportation Cost Very Less Very High
Installation Cost Very Less Very High
Construction Single Multiple
Electrical Conductivity Electrical Insulator & Non Conductive - Shock Proof Conductive
  • Offshore Platforms
  • Chemical Plants
  • Jetties
  • Coastal Area
  • Parks
  • Street Lighting
  • Water Fronts
  • Bridges
  • Industrial Platforms
  • Residential Colonies
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Advantages of FRP / GRP / FiberGlass