FRP/GRP Roofing Sheet

For various purposes, Monterra offers fiberglass Opaque and Translucent roofing sheets (FRP sheets). Monterra FRP Sheets are produced using specialized sheet manufacturing equipment for uniform thickness, high impact resistance, and long life. The dimensions of Monterra FRP Sheets can be altered to meet client needs and are UV stabilized.

Monterra Make rooflight sheets provide a productive environment and let in natural light under industrial roofs.

  • Utilizing premium raw materials for construction.
  • The use of imported UV-stabilized resin as a UV shield.
  • A top layer that has been specially designed to delay the effects of abrasion and erosion and improve product life.
  • The consistency of consistent thickness across the sheet ensures great mechanical strength and superior quality.
  • A distinctive embossed/crinkled surface distributes natural light in layers beneath the ceiling.
  • Colors: Opaque, Translucent, and Clear.
Description Machine Made FRP Sheet.
Brand Monterra
Model Any Type #
Color As required
Width 1500 mm (Strench)
Length No restriction
thickness 1 - 4 mm
Unit Weight Depend on type
Tolerance + or - 10% (As per standard)
Capacity 50,000 / month
resin G.P / Roof lite / Isopthalic / Vinylester
Glass Content Not less then 25%
Gel Coat Top side with any resin (optional)
Warranty 5 - 10* years
Applicable Standard IS 12866
Unit Price Depends specification and thickness
* Depending upon thickness, environment & resin selection # Sample or final drawing from client mandatory
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