Fiberglass Handrail & Stairway

Monterra provides a variety of handrail and stair solutions that adhere to the strictest safety standards. We offer solutions using grip-enhancing treads, covered treads, ergonomic handrails, etc. These goods are a great value and a long-lasting answer to your needs. Our in-house design team makes sure the outcome is the best possible, aesthetically pleasing, and ergonomic option. The performance, cost, convenience of installation, and client satisfaction are key priorities for Monterra FRP Handrail & Stairs systems.

FRP Handrail Systems Benefits:
  • For ease of installation, modular
  • Lightweight to quicken the installation process
  • sufficient to support a load
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Thermally inert and effective in temperatures below zero
  • Retardant to fire
  • UV Security
  • Technology Transparent
Basic Design criteria consist of:
  • 1500 mm is the maximum stanchion center to center distance.
  • 1100mm minimum height above the ground is required.
  • 300 N/m minimum service load divided by the maximum distance (m) between stanchions
Order specifics are needed:
  • General layout sketch or drawing
  • Preference for mounting: embedded, top mounted, or side mounted.
  • Color: Usually gray or yellow
  • Handrail elevation
  • Design Standards
Three systems are offered:
  • Heavy Duty
  • Standard Duty
  • Economy
Configuration of the handrails:
All systems include the following fundamental components:
  • Top rail and handrail
  • Midrail and Knee Rail
  • Toe guard
  • Connectors and splice portions for the floor-fixing mechanism of a stanchion or vertical post
Design Criteria

Handrail Systems are created and tested in accordance with relevant regulations.

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