Fiberglass Structural Profiles

GRP/FRP Structural pultruded profiles is manufactured using a resin matrix combined with a fiber reinforcement. This is continuously produced and cured to provide a material with exceptional strength and resilience. GRP/FRP structural profiles offer a number of advantages and mechanical qualities that are comparable to or better than steel equivalents. The structural profiles are available in various shapes like C/U Channel, I-Beam, H-Beam, Round Tube, Square Box, Angle, Rod, Hand Rail, Deck panels, etc and customized shapes are also available upon request.

Mechanical Properties Standard Followed Units Lenthwise Min. Value Crosswise Min. Value
Tensile Stress ASTM D-638 Mpa 206.8 48.2
Tensile Modulus ASTM D-638 Gpa 17.2 5.5
Compressive Stress ASTM D-695 Mpa 206.8 103.4
Compressive Modulus ASTM D-695 Gpa 17.2 6.9
Flexural Stress ASTM D-790 Mpa 20.6.8 68.8
Flexural Modulus ASTM D-790 Gpa 11 5.5
Izpd Impact ASTM D-256 J/mm 1.28 0.22
Ultimate Bearing Stress ASTM D-953 Mpa 206.8 206.8
Modulus of Elasticity Full Section Gpa 17.9 -
Shear Modulus Full Section Gpa 2.9 -
Poison's Ratio ASTM D-3039 mm/mm 0.33 -
Short Neam Shear ASTM D-2344 Mpa 31 -
Physical Properties Standard Followed Units Min. Value
Barcol Hardness ASTM D-2583 45
24 Hours Water Absorption ASTM D-570 % Max 0.6
Density ASTM D-792 gm/cc 1.72-7.95
Glass Content ASTM D-2584 % min 55%
Limiting Oxygen Index ASTM D-2863 % min 30%
Electrical Properties Standard Followed Units Min. Value
Arc Resistance Lengthwise ASTM D-495 Seconds 120
Dielectric Strength Lengthwise ASTM D-149 kV/mm 4.5
Flammability Properties Standard Followed Units Min. Value
Flame Spread ASTM E-84 Flame Spread Less than 25 mm
Flammability ASTM D-635 Seconds Less than 5 sec.
Vertical Burn Test UL 94 --- V0
Profiles are checked for visual defects as per ASTM D4385-02 and Dimensional tolerance as per ASTM D3917-12
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